Friday, October 9, 2009

Democracy-What does it mean to you?

Democracy----Most of us seem to love this nine-lettered word while others detest it. Some of us fight for our own version of what we think democracy is while others brush it aside as a distraction to what they already know. Whichever category you find yourself in, there is still one question that you have to ask yourself-What does democracy mean to you? Nothing? the world? a life? freedom? we all have our own ideas of not only what we think democracy is but also what we think it should be. Join me as we go on this journey to learn what democracy really is to the people of Mozambique.

Pitcher's Visit Cont'd

So, you may be wondering why I take soo long to update my's my fault! This course is not your traditional classroom course and although I want to share so much with you all, the truth is I forget sometimes that I have a blog to update..I usually do that through Facebook..LOL..isn't that weird? So, we stopped at the point during Pitcher's visit about the discussion of the internal factors which caused the demise of socialism in Mozambique.These factors according to Pitcher include: The concept of Favored Cities, Misunderstood countryside, concentrated resources in the southern part of the country, Inexperience and authoritarian tendencies that were made worse by the conflict. Now, as explicit at they all are, it is also safe to say that these factors also contributed to Mozambique's transition from Socialism to Democracy...who knows what would have happened if socialism had not failed/collapse in Mozambique.Democracy might not have been an option adn that takes us to my next topic-Democracy:What does it mean to you? Check out the next post.